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As a charitiable trust, the Villa Education Trust accepts donations to help it in providing the best possible education for those who need it most. To support this endeavour, we seek to create partnerships with, and funding from, outside businesses, individual supporters, and service groups. Areas where this support may be applied include:

  1. Scholarship Fund for all round individuals who have graduated from a Villa Education Trust school.
  2. Hardship Scholarship to help existing students when the financial situation of a family changes in order to allow the student to remain at school
  3. Strategic projects to support continued growth and opportunities for students.

Ways to give

Note: the Villa Education Trust is a registered Charitable Trust for donations. Under the current rules, individual donors will be able to claim 33.3% tax rebate on all donations up to their annual net income.

  1. Payroll giving. This enables you to donate to us directly from your pay and receive instant tax benefits that reduce your payable PAYE. Read more >>

  2. Bequest

  3. Direct donations

We welcome your contact and interest in further information.

Karen Poole, CEO

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