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  • The VET Approach - Sunday Star Times, October 30th 2016:  Trust Statement Poster 1


    This is the philosophy behind every Villa Education Trust (VET) school.

    The registered Charitable Trust operates threemiddle schools in Auckland (two Charter and one private). It aims is to provide outstanding education for all students, irrespective of background or individual needs, by combining the positive aspects of NZ schooling with outstanding teaching techniques, an improved curriculum model, an innovative day structure and a supportive learning environment.  Each school uses an Integrated Project Based Curriculum and has a strong academic focus to maximise learning and development. 

    Mt Hobson MiddleSchool(MHMS) in Remuera is a boutique style private school with a maximum roll of 48 and class sizes restricted to 12.  It aims to keep its costs low (one of the lowest in Auckland) to be affordable to those that need it most.  It ensures success for students of all abilities. Limited places are available. 

    South Auckland Middle School (SAMS) is located in Manurewa.  It is a Decile 1 school catering for predominantly Maori and Pacifica children.  Uniform, stationery, and field trips are provided and no donations are asked. Class sizes are kept to a maximum of 15 with a full roll of 180 students.  The roll is currently full with waiting lists in place.

    Middle School West Auckland (MSWA) is located across two sites in Henderson.  It includes a TeReo bilingual unit.  Over 80 percent of those enrolled are Maori and Pasifika.  Uniform, stationery, field trips are provided and no donations are asked.  Due to an increase in the roll places are available for 2017.

    In addition, the Villa NCEA Academy (VNA), for Years 11-13, is available at MHMS, providing a different approach for children in these crucial school years.  Students attend the academy between 1-6pm. Places are available for 2017.

    The VET aims to ensure students attending its schools have access to the same opportunities as kids from wealthier areas/backgrounds.  Students are encouraged to aim high.



  • New premises for Middle School West Auckland honours kiwi legend Jack Ralston. Click here for press release.

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